Friday, August 27, 2010

Say hi to Porky and Octopus!

Hi folks, this is a long overdued post.

First up, it was yng's birthday in July, and I made her a chicken! She named it Porky (haha, that's so ironic.)

"I'm flyiiiiin!"

I later found out that Porky lost an eye weeks/months after that. Apparently Teodore the dog bashed it up. Poor thing!

After that, it was Lin's birthday in August. It was a farewell party as well, as she will be headed to Taiwan the following Monday. :( Lin, I miss you!!!

Now shriek in delight! *aaaaaaaaaaa! sho kewwwwt!*
Why aren't you shrieking yet? not cute meh? Fine, I'll do it alone.
"aaaaaaaaaaa! sho kewwwwt!"


Our trials ended yesterday, and I suddenly had the mood to make some puff pastry. I remember I vowed to myself to never ever try making puff pastry again, cause i phailed so terribly the first time I tried. The butter just kept flowing out of the dough from nowhere! Basically, it was a mess. But something in me was telling me, 'no!!! you've got to try it again! go for it! go! go! do it! do it!'

And so I started making the dough at 9pm, till around 2am in the morning, and it wasn't even finished yet. What?! It's puff pastry! It is worth sacrificing my sleep for puff pastry alright? So I continued the rest of the work this morning right after i go out of bed. The results were pretty satisfying! YAY! *beams*

Look at the thousands of layers!!!

Oh, I also made some homemade pasta! The dough is still resting in the fridge, I can't wait to chop 'em up finely, boil 'em and drizzle some olive oil on it, and top 'em with some juicy baked tomatoes.

OK, time to start working on my physics presentation. sigh.

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