Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Chicken!

I was supposed to stay back after school today to see Pn Cheah (tennis teacher) but meeting was postponed to next week. And so i went to the Bilik Seni to see Cik Haslina instead, but ended up painting a customized shirt for Soon Len.

ignore the scribblings behind. i only drew the chicken(whose name was Soon Len initially before she chickened out, cancelled it and wrote my name after i went home), meiji choco babies which turned out to look like chicken poo, and a sun, to cover her stupid Puay Chai school badge. (note the word stupid. i hate puay chai. hmph!)

I was devastated when i saw pictures of the shirt here. so much for spending 20 minutes to paint that chicken, with shading. I refute you, thus!

Soon Len, you watch out tomorrow! I am capable of doing nasty things to you in school.