Saturday, October 23, 2010


This was made halfway sometime back,(I have a bad habit of crocheting halfway, the pink-brown bear without legs has been sitting on the shelf in my room for almost a year hehehe.) and I had the mood to finish it just recently.

When I found this crochet pattern online, the first thing that came into mind was Jian Hao and MSN emoticons. Although I am not super close to Jian Hao as a friend, but somehow each time I see 兔斯基(Tuzki), I relate it to him, probably because he had the most Tuzki MSN emoticons back then. Funny, last time I used to love the moving emoticons on MSN,(don't get me wrong, I don't hate them entirely) but now I just can't stand it when people type stuff and it appears to be in the middle of a word.

Anyway, I didn't know that this white creature was called Tuzki. Needless to say, I guess this shall be Jian Hao's birthday present. Happy birthday, Jian Hao!

And Domokun will be the model of the day :D and credits to my sister's hand too!

I find this picture very cute hahahah!

Here's a very cute video with Tuzki in it. lol!

SAM finals coming up next week! huhuhu... I haven't been very serious in doing my work this week, especially when one suddenly gets addicted to downloading awesome japanese crocheting patterns. ;)

Anyway, all the best to everyone!