Sunday, June 27, 2010


I haven't been able to make time for myself lately, and hence I can't update.
But since it's our class rep's birthday, our class G11 had to give him a card at least, considering how much he's done for us. :) And since we were rushing to get everyone to sign it, no one had the chance to see how the front looks like cause it couldn't be done in time. So here are the pics! click to enlarge.

Supposed to be his super fluorescent yellow sport shoes that he was SO proud of. -.-" But I couldn't remember the design so simply only lah. hehehe.

Credits to Alvin for this one. I ran out of ideas and was so close to drawing a christian cross only.

He eats biscuits for lunch EVERYDAY. Minus the teh tarik sometimes when he would be too stingy to spend. :D

oh, happy birthday Daniel!